Welcome to the Danish Mammal Society

The Danish Mammal Society works to promote the publics' interest in Danish mammals and to improve their conditions i Denmark. The Danish Mammal Society seeks to establish a platform where mammalogist, both professionals and amateurs, can meet.

At the biannual Mammal Society conference mammalogists meet and discuss current research projects and new scientific results from mammal studies.

Specifically, The Mammal Society seeks to:

  • Raise awareness of Danish mammals, their ecology and their conservation needs;
  • Educate people about Danish mammals through newsletters, fact sheets, excursions and talks.
  • Promote mammal studies in Denmark;
  • Advocate conservation plans based on sound science
The Danish Mammal Society is run by a board of council members who are elected at the biannual Mammal Meeting


Should you have any enquiries regarding our work or Danish mammals in general please contact us at: dpf@pattedyrforening.dk